5 Tips to Grow Traffic and Build an Audience

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Today I’m going to share five simple tips to grow traffic to your new website and build an audience…

Create High-Quality Relevant Content

It can feel like this might take all your time, but an hour day is all it takes – you’ll get fast once you start and if you stay consistent.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Hire a professional content writer if you don’t have time.

Make sure you add call to actions to build your email list!

Utilise SEO

Use Google Keyword Planner (it’s free!) to see related long-tail keywords for your article, make sure they’re included in the titles, sub-titles, alt text.

Participate in Online Communities

Find some relevant and related communities in your industry or niche. Join in the conversation regularly and become a familiar character.

Post titbits from your articles if you’re struggling to start the conversation, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Cross Post Your Content

Once you’ve posted your article on your site, share it on places like Medium and Quora.

Make sure you add a canonical link linking back to the original article on your website.

Engage With Others in Your Industry

Don’t just post links to your content on social media, take bits from them and share them regularly.

Also engage with others in your industry regularly, this will drive people to your account and you’ll start to grow.

Make sure it’s not just spammy comments like “Awesome post!” make sure it’s valuable and meaningful.