11 Quick Marketing Principles Every Business Should Know

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Hand holding a lightbulb, which reflects the ideas of marketing that works.

Learn these 11 quick marketing principles to help your business succeed.

From understanding why customers buy to pricing your product, these principles cover it all.


Why Customers Buy

Marketing is 9% logic, 91% emotion.

We buy things based on emotion and justify it with logic afterwards.

Communicate clearly how you solve your customers problems, and know that reason intrinsically.

No amount of marketing will sell a product that fails to solve a problem.

Learn more about why customers buy


Sell the Transformation

People don’t buy products.

People don’t buy features.

They buy

Tell them how you’ll transform their lives.

Don’t just offer discounts and offers.

Build a relationship with your customers.


Be Easily Remembered

A one-liner or tagline for your brand is like a great headline.

Use it to peak curiosity and draw interest.

Repeat it everywhere.

One day it’ll be your most valuable asset.


Segment Your Customers

Customers go through a process of:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Ensure your content strategy is targeting customers at each stage.

Read this if you want to dive deeper into this process.


Execution, Execution, Execution

Planning is key.

But without action and consistency.

It’s pointless.

You’ve got be patient and stick to the plan, using data to guide you.


Know Your Who, What and Why

Who — Your customer
What — Your product
Why — Their problem
Your marketing strategy needs all three.


Never Talk About Yourself

Go to your website right now.

Remove any mentions of the following words.

  • I
  • Me
  • We
  • Us
  • Our

Better yet.

Change them to “you” or “your”.


Don’t Be Clever, Be Clear

Don’t leave your customers confused.

Be clear and straight forward.

  • Explain how you can help
  • Tell them the next steps to take
  • List out the steps
  • Make it easy to understand.

Just like I have here.


Be Your Customer

Go onto your website and re-visit your current marketing materials.

Sign up for your newsletter, download your lead magnet.

Experience doing business with yourself.

  • Is it an easy process?
  • Is it clear what you offer?
  • Are there enough calls to action?
  • Does the branding match?


Always Thank Your Customers

Connect with customers when they purchase.

Say thank you, ask them if they have any questions.

This will pay dividends.

Especially when they come to renewal.

Or when you release new products and services.

Deepen your customer relationship.


Always Price to Value

Don’t base your price off the time it took you to produce.

Or the cost of delivery.

Price according to the value your customer gains.

Name a price that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Now, add some more.